white Adidas Foam Headguard  Headgear

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Adidas Foam Headguard  P2HE

 available in 3 colors.

WTF approved head gear


bullet Made of 1/2" dipped foam, this headguard covers the front, back, sides and top of the head.
bullet Very well ventilated for your comfort.
bullet Hood and loop closure under chin.
bullet Unique ear guards designed to absorb impact.
bullet WTF Approved.

Warning Boxing and martial arts are contact sports. Users of this gear are subject to personal injury. These products offer a degree of protection but are not warranted to protect the user from injury.

Wearing a mouthguard is always recommended when using this equipment.


Size Chart
Student Headgear
Size I   Child I   Youth Adult SM I   Adult M/L I   Adult XL I
Head Circumference I   Under 20" I   20" - 21" 21" - 22" I   22" - 23" I   23" - 24" I


All measurements are in inches.