Know what accessories would come with a Karate sparring gear combo


BlackBeltShop offers Karate sparring gear combo for both kids and adults with complete set at affordable prices. A typical combo set includes a set of karate uniform, different sizes of sparring gears, gloves, chin guard, head guard and sparring boots of different sizes. All these products are available in attractive colors, such as blue, red, white, pink and black.

Your cranium is the most delicate part of your body, and if the head gets continuous blows and knocks, it can or may show the way to permanent brain damage. Even a single kick or punch taken at the incorrect angle could be disastrous. So, pay attention to one among your most valuable assets, which is your head. Head guards come as one of the items with the Karate sparring gear combo and they are available in a huge number of colors, sizes and styles.

A broken arm or hand could compel you to get time off from your hectic training schedule. Even a duo of weeks off, could be vital in the run up to a major course or championships. So, it is your vital responsibility to care for and defend your hands and forearms from damage. You have an option at BlackBeltShop to decide from an extensive collection of hand and forearm protectors.

While practicing or fighting karate, there is likelihood that your shins may catch a lost elbow while kicking, your toes may stub due to an unfortunate knee. Although, your techniques are expertly positioned, it may feel the wrath of the attacks or blocks of your opponents. Take heed and get yourself some pain relief. BlackBeltShop offers foot and shin protectors with corresponding items to complete the Karate sparring gear combo for your benefit.

According to the category of martial arts you are taking part, you may need some type of chest guard. The Karate sparring gear combo offered by this online store also includes a chest guard that is available in a huge collection that covers your body and a part of your back area, as well.

The most essential and cost efficient guard while fighting or practicing karate is the elastic pads. These pads also come with the combo offer that will offer of you a sufficient echelon of safety at an affordable cost.

The most susceptible areas of your body is worthy of the maximum level of safety. Used in a range of martial arts regulations, you can be rest guaranteed that you would get the optimum results while wearing any of the range of individual safety equipment  offered by BlackBeltShop as a part of the  Karate sparring gear combo. This online store also offers an adaptable maxi guard for women, which can also be used as a training vest. The Perspex protector can be effortlessly inserted from the face of the lycra vest, ensuring negligible time and effort while training and competing.

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