Understanding the Difference between Bag Gloves and Sparring Gloves


Sparring gloves are amongst the most important piece of equipment that you would require fro martial arts training. Using the right kind of gloves both during practice sessions and actual fight is extremely essential to get the desired outcomes. You might be surprised to learn that the gloves used during practice are different from those used during an actual fight. Depending on the technique of practice, you can choose between the two most common types of gloves, namely the bag gloves and the sparring gloves.

It is quite common for people to get confused between a pair of bag glove and Century sparring gloves, primarily because the two look almost alike. However, these two pairs of gloves are designed to serve different purposes and hence differ significantly in weight and style. If you are also unable to tell the sparring gloves from the bag gloves, then the following pointers can prove extremely helpful.

  • Bag gloves are designed to enable you to practice easily with a punching bag. On the other hand sparring gloves can be used when you are practicing a specific martial art style with another partner.
  • Bag gloves are smaller in size and comparatively lesser in weight. Sparring gloves are generally larger than the bag gloves and also tend to be somewhat heavier.
  • Bag gloves come with relatively lesser padding which does not offer much protection during practice. Century sparring gloves are heavily padded to minimize the chances of injury caused by the hard punches of your opponent.
  • Being light in weight makes it possible for you to deliver faster punches using bag gloves. However, the heavy weight and thick padding of the sparring globes ensures that you are able to produce only slow punches.
  • In order to ensure proper protection with the bag gloves, it is essential to use a hand wrap with them. However, sparring gloves do not require this extra padding as they are already stuffed amply for maximum protection.
  • Bag gloves can be used in place of fighting gloves as they are designed more closely in reference to the later. However, you cannot fight using a pair of even the best Century sparring gloves as they will not enable you to exert your full power or speed.

Considering the above factors while choosing a pair of gloves for practicing your preferred style of martial arts can not only make your fighting style more perfect but also minimize any chances of injuries. You also need to ensure that you choose the right size of gloves that fit you snugly as otherwise you will not be able to practice in a proper manner and this will surely affect your performance.   

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