Learn About the Different Items Included In the Karate Gear for Children


Karate is often one of the first choices for parents, who want to teach their kids a martial arts form.  It is a decent and disciplined art that also teaches your kids the techniques of self defense besides enhancing their confidence. The art form which was developed originally in Japan has become a popular means for kids across the globe to learn various essential life skills.

The first step in the direction of preparing your child for karate training is acquiring the right gear. However, before you start shopping for the Century karate gear for kids, gaining some information about the same can prove quite helpful. Given below are the brief details of the some common items included in the karate gear for children.

  • Karate Uniform: Given the high level of discipline followed in karate, it is important for your kid to attend every training session wearing the proper uniform. This uniform is traditionally known by the name of karate gi and is generally made from white cotton fabric. The uniform also features a colored belt known as obi, which represents the level of expertise achieved by the trainee.
  • Equipments For Sparring: Sparring is a method used in karate to help the trainees improve their skills by engaging with fellow trainees. The practice usually requires the trainees to punch and kick one another with full force. The sparring sessions are conducted under expert supervision and care is taken to avoid injuries through the use of appropriate Century karate gear for kids. This generally includes sparring gloves, chest protectors, shin guards and helmets etc.
  • Weapons: Karate was originally developed as an open hand martial art did not require the use of any weapons. However, with the changing times, some forms of karate integrated the use of specific weaponry in training. If your child is getting trained in any such form, you might need to purchase the necessary weapons for him/her. The most common of these weapons include the scythe that is generally used in kata competition and demonstration, the Bo, which is quite similar to the western bow, and the sai, which is commonly used in kata and can prove extremely effective in blocking an attacker.

Given the popularity of karate as a martial art form, it is not really surprising that there are several companies offering the necessary equipment for the same. However, in order to get the best value for money, it is important to choose the products of a reliable and trusted brand such as Century karate gear for kids. These products are designed keeping in mind the special training needs of children , which are quite different from those of adults. 

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