Proper Ways of Hanging Heavy Bags of Different Weights

Having spend a fortune in purchasing a heavy bag for your martial arts practice, the next big step is to hang it in a proper manner. This involves choosing the right place and the appropriate heavy bag mount depending on its weight as otherwise you might end up damaging your walls and even injuring yourself. Given below are the most appropriate ways to hang the bags of different weights.

  • In case your bag weights less than or up to 125 pounds, you can hang it using a traditional chain and swivel assembly. This type of heavy bag mount is strong enough to bear the weight of 125 pounds or less.
  • For bags weighing more than 125 pounds, you will need a stronger heavy bag mount that is fixed into the ceiling with the help of steel platform and bolts. This type of mount ensures that the heavy bag does fall down due to its weight or the force exerted during the practice sessions.  
  • You can also choose a portable mount for your heavy bag by opting for stand with wheels made from sturdy metal like steel. The stand has a rod like extension at the top with a built in mount for your heavy bag.

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