Getting Familiar with the Different Types of Heavy Bag Stands

Choosing a stand over a traditional chain and swivel assembly or even the sturdier ceiling mount, definitely has its own advantages. Besides offering a bit of flexibility, a good quality stand, such as Century heavy bag stand also prevents potential structural damage. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following types of punching bag stands.

1 Single Station Stands: As the name suggests these stands are designed to hold a single heavy bag of up to 150 kg weight. It is generally made from heavy grade steel and is generally chosen for home use.

2 Station Stands: This is a stand designed to hold two bags of varying weights. A 2 station Century heavy bag stand can be used for hanging a heavy bag and a speed bag to get the most out of your training sessions.

3 Station Stands: These bag stands are generally used in professional training centers and gyms. It features three different places to hang a heavy bag, a speed bag and any other type of bag you might like to practice with.

You can also find 4 station bags, which are rarely used. The most common types are single station Century heavy bag stand and the two station ones.

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