Choosing the Right Size of Heavy Bag as Per Your Needs

In order to make your boxing or other martial arts training sessions more productive, it is important that you choose a heavy bag of the appropriate size. Just because your training partner is using a Century heavy bag of a specific size, does not mean that it is right for you as well. Your training needs vary, which is why your choice of a heavy bag should depend on the following factors.

Your Weight: In general, the more you weigh the heavier your Century heavy bag should be. A heavy bag weighing 70 to 90 pounds will suit you if you are between 140 and 170 pound. However, if your weight is more than that you should go for a 100 pound bag.  

Your Punching Power: Your punching power generally depends on your experience in the field and is a critical factor in choosing the bag of the right size. If your punches are heavier than your counterparts in the same weight category then it is better to opt for heavier bags.

Swinging Radius: If you do not prefer bags that have considerably larger swings then you should opt for slightly heavier bags. You can also choose standing Century heavy bag that remain almost stationary.

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