What Is Best – Hanging a Heavy Bag from the Ceiling or the wall?

The place you choose to hang your heavy bag can play a critical role in determining the effectiveness of your training sessions. Depending on the weight of the bag, you can choose to hang it either from the ceiling or a wall with the help of a strong and durable heavy bag mount. If you are not sure whether you should opt for a wall or the ceiling, then considering the following facts might help you make the right decision.

If you choose to hang your heavy bag from the ceiling, make sure that you choose a strong beam as the hanging point.

You will also need to invest in a good quality heavy bag mount designed for the ceilings, besides which you might need to seek professional help for getting the bag hanged in a proper and reliable way.

However, once the bag has been hanged, you can get the benefit of 360 degree movement and minimum chances of damage to the surrounding objects.

Hanging  the heavy bag from a wall proves to be a more practical and cost effective option as you can fix the heavy bag mount into the wall on your own although it does limit your movement.

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