A Brief Guide To Karate Gear And Equipment For Kids


zeaching kids the different forms of martial arts not only helps make them capable of self defense but also provides various other physical and psychological health benefits. Although, different martial arts styles have become increasingly popular over the past several years, Karate still remains a hot favorite of most children. However, unlike other sports, enrolling your child for karate training is just not enough as you need to buy him/her a complete set of karate gear to actually help him/her progress from one level to another.

If you have never attended karate training yourself, you are likely to feel lost about what the gear should include. Even though you can get a complete Century Karate gear for kids easily from any sports store, it is better to have some basic knowledge about the diverse products it includes. Given below are the brief details of the things included in a karate gear set for children.

Uniform or Gi: This is the most essential product included in the Century Karate great for kids, as almost every school makes it mandatory for the trainees to wear uniform while learning as well as practicing. In general the karate uniform is quite similar to the uniforms of other martial arts style, and only a trained person can differentiate between them. What is most important is that the uniform should be made from a sturdy material and should fit your child perfectly well.

Sparring Gear: The karate gear for kids almost always includes basic sparring equipment that helps to keep the child safe while practicing the moves in real combat like situation. The set should have a sparring head gear, hand pads and shin pads and a gum shield to minimize the risk of accidental injuries received during practice.

Home Training Products: In order for the children to actually make progress in karate training, it is important for them to practice at home as well. For that the Century karate gear for kids generally includes a kick bag of the hanging or freestanding type. These bags are different from the ones used by adult professionals for training at home.

Training DVD’s And Books: Karate training is not just about sweating it out in the classroom as there is a deep theoretical aspect associated with this style of martial art. That is why training DVD’s and books form an essential part of most karate training gear set for children. These help the kids to learn about the origin and significance of Karate as well as some unique moves.

Weapons: Many karate training schools provide a basic training in the use of simple weapons to the kids, which is why you should check their inclusion in the gear.  

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