Common Heavy Bag Issues That Can Increase the Risk of Damage and Injury

Training with a heavy bag forms an integral part of any martial art practice sessions. Most professional trainers and fighters choose to install a good quality heavy bag within their personal practice area using a sturdy and durable heavy bag hanger. This eliminates the need for them to remain dependent on their training centers for improving their power and strength. If you have undertaken any type of martial arts training, you are sure to be aware of the important role played by heavy bag training in enhancing your overall performance. Consequently, you must also be well versed with the stress and frustration of dealing with situations when you are not able to practice with your heavy bag due to any of the following issues.

Bag Getting Torn or Damaged: Even though most heavy bags are made from extremely strong fabrics that can withstand the heavy beating for years together, they are not exactly damage proof. So it is quite common for heavy bags to show signs of damage after extensive use. While high quality bags last several years before they show any such signs, the local non-branded bags generally tend to become damage within just a short time. In either case, it is possible to get the bags repaired and ready for use, but this might take some time depending on the type and extent of damage.

Heavy Bag Chains Being Broken: When you hang a heavy bag practicing any form of martial arts, you need to use not only a sturdy heavy bag hanger but also extremely strong chains that can bear the weight of the bag. Choosing weak chains can result in them getting broken all of sudden, which can not only cause damage to the bag, but also result in you getting seriously injured. To prevent any such mishap it is important for you to check the chains regularly for any weak links or damage before any practice session. In addition, you should also check the chain for any indication of rust or corrosion, in which case it is better to change the chains at the earliest.

Hanger Hook Coming Loose: Given the huge weight of heavy bags and the fact that they rapidly move around by the force of your punches, the hooks from which they are hanged tend to become loose. This can not only cause the bag to become imbalanced, but can damage the wall or the ceiling on which the heavy bag hanger is mounted. This can increase the risk of injury to you and damage to the construction which in turn can cause much financial loss. This situation can be avoided by checking the hooks from time to time.

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