Sparring Gear Equipment That You Absolutely Must Have


Sparring is one of the most important aspects of martial arts training as it enables you to practice the art form in a more realistic environment. Since most sparring practices are quite similar to real life combats and competitions, these sessions can prove extremely dangerous and even deadly when carried out without using proper protection and monitoring.  You need to use a specific accessories and equipments during these training sessions, which are rightly named as sparring gear. If you are looking for high quality and durable products to be used during your sparring sessions, then Century sparring gear is definitely your best choice. However, while you might not necessary need all the products that are categorized as spring gear, possessing the following items is absolutely necessary.

Shin Guards And Foot Protectors: The shin guards and foot protectors are categorized as a part of leg protection equipments. While choosing shin guards, you should check whether or not you are able to bend both your knees and ankles after wearing them. They should fit you comfortably so as to ensure proper blood circulation and easy movement. In addition, the foot protectors should properly cushion your feet and prevent them from any potential injury.

Arm And Hand Protectors: Arm protection equipment is also extremely important to keep you safe from any potential injuries during sparring practice. Some arm and hand protection products that form an integral part of the Century sparring gear kit include sparring gloves and pads and forearm protectors that are provided with ample cushioning to absorb the force of your opponents blow and safeguard you from receiving any serious injury.

Protective Gear For Head: The most dangerous injuries that trainees often receive during sparring practice or even in real combats are the ones that they receive on their head. That is why having proper protection in the form of a good quality helmet to keep your head safe during sparring practice is extremely essential. I n general the helmets contained in the Century sparring gear kit are designed for a snug fit so that they do not come loose during the practice sessions and lead to any serious injury.

Protective Gear For Groin: Another major body part that needs protection during sparring practice is the groin, which is why you need to include the groin guide in your sparring gear. These guards are designed to protect the groin form the impact of a hard blow by your opponent. However, you need to ensure that the groin guards are made from good quality material that can withstand extensive beating. In addition, these guards should have ample padding and fit you snugly so that you do not feel any pain or discomfort while practicing.

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