font Custom Embroidered Martial Arts Belt

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Custom Martial Arts Belt for Judo, Taekwondo, Karate or any other Martial Art.

 Embroidered Martial arts black belt 1 3/4 inch or 2 inch


*Please allow extra time for delivery of this item using foreign text.

Usually about 2-4 weeks.



You may have up to 2 lines of Text per end of belt.  Belt Included.
Type scaled to fit 12"

  • We are using the 2 inch Deluxe Belt with no label. Poly/Cotton or now you can also choose an 1 3/4 inch belt

  • This is our free belt with the Embroidery. It's a very good quality belt.  I use them in my school.

Belt size in inches


SZ 2---88"

SZ 3---96"

SZ 4---104

SZ 5---112"

SZ 6---120"

SZ 7---130"

SZ 8---140"

SZ 9---150"