96 Especial Jiu-jitsu Gi

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96 Especial Jiu-jitsu Gi


Jiu-jitsu Gi


Century is proud to introduce the ’96 Especial Jiu-jitsu gi, created as a tribute to BJJ legend Ricardo Liborio’s championship performance at the inaugural IBJJF World Championships in 1996. Master Liborio was also distinguished by winning the award for most technical black belt at the same tournament. After careful development in partnership with Master Liborio, we’ve created a gi fit for a champion; designed by a legend. This new competition-fit jacket features a lightweight 440gsm pearl weave fabric with an EVA foam collar for lasting durability. The 12oz. drill cloth pants are made from brushed cotton for comfort, with reinforced knees and triple-stitched seams for durability. Foam core drawstrings coupled with a six loop waist help keep the strings firmly knotted and in place.


Item Number: 04108-100191