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Beginner Shotokan Karate DVD


By Jon Hodge


Beginner Shotokan Karate is the perfect starting point for those wanting to learn the incredible, ancient art of karate. Even better, this technique takes a truly in-depth and easy to learn from approach, regardless of your past experience in martial arts. This is DVD #1 from the Complete Shotokan Karate course. On this first DVD, you will learn:

o    Techniques: Stances (dachi), Hand strike (zuki), Blocking (uke), and Kicking (geri).

o    One Step Sparring (ippon kumite): Introduction to One Steps, One Steps Protocol, One Steps #1-2, and realistic Self Defense

Forms (kata): Basic 1 – Taikyoku Shodan, Basic 2 – Taikyoku Nidan. Demonstrated at full speed, full step-by-step background, and then follow along practice from both angles

o     Instructor: Jon Hodge

o    Length: 75 Minutes

o    Skill Level: Beginner

o    Format: DVD, Region 1 (plays in DVD players worldwide)


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