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Century 15 oz Single Layer Keikogi c0221

 Keikogi (稽古着 or 稽古衣?) or dōgi (道着) is a uniform for training, used in martial arts derived from Japan, or budō. (keiko means practice, gi means dress or clothes). The prototype for the modern keikogi emerged in the late 19th century. The keikogi was developed by judo founder Kanō Jigorō. Japanese martial arts historian Dave Lowry speculates Kano derived the uniform's design from the uniforms of Japanese firefighter's heavy hemp jackets called "hanten." By 1920, the keikogi as it exists today was worn by Kano's students for judo practice. The Kodokan (judo headquarters) has a photo taken in 1920 that shows Kano wearing a modern keikogi.

Traditional Keikogi

  • This traditional Keikogi is a perfect match to pair up with the Hakama (sold separatley
  • Crossover styling features 3/4 sleeves and side vents.
  • Constructed of a 100% cotton navy waffle pattern fabric.

    Sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL
    Color: Navy

    Item # :  0221