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Adidas® Solid Reversible Chest Guard TaeKwonDo

 Red and Blue TKD sparring vest

  • Choose to either wear the blue side or red side showing while sparring
  • Foam rubber padding enclosed inside a vinyl shell is how this durable chestguard is made
  • Soft vinyl stitched over high density foam.
  • Straps go through loops on sides and tie in back to keep chestguard in place.
  • WTF Approved
Adidas Chestguard
Length should equal the distance
from the 2nd-to-top rib to just above groin
Size Width Length
X-Small (1) 26 ½" 15 ½"
Small (2) 30" 16"
Medium (3) 31 ½" 17 ½"
Large (4) 35" 18"
X-Large (5) 37" 20"


 WTF recognized chest protector.