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WTF Taekwondo KP&P E-Foot Protector Ver.3

 ITEM MAY OR MAY NOT have the Adidas Logo.  KP&P has dropped the Adidas license.


TKD foot protector

WTF recognized foot protector.

Important Updates (Ver. 3)
Sensitivity level got doubled with two additional sensor chips. Now there are total four sensor chips to make your game more accurate and fair. All AAU competitors for upcoming Nationals must wear the version 2.0 to avoid any potential disadvantage.

KP&P E-Foot Protector enhances your performance as they are easy to wear and hold your foot tightly during competition,
not only does it protect your foot but also it is able to distinguish scoring areas.

It has RFID chips that embedded into the sole of the foot & top of the foot which makes it possible to acknowledge any kinds of kicks.
It can read 4 kicks out of 1 second, including double or triple kicks which means all Taekwondo kicks can be scored if impact strength is enough to meet valid power level.

Proximity sensor detects valid kicks with Dobok (Uniform) and textile object
RFID chips distinguish valid fist & kick
It is applicable the differential scores of fist and kick
Foot protector scanner – checking tool for foot protector function
Easy to wear & good quality with fit (not necessary to toe fixed)


KP&P E-Foot Protector is convenient to wear, as it is made of elastic fabric on the contrary of exiting the foot and this helps to improve competitiveness.
However it may interfere with the game if in case it’s too big to wear during the fight or doesn’t fit ones sizes.

It is a fundamental attitude to wear the correct foot protector in the game; even though they are durable, it takes proper care to avoid damages.

Please choose the right size for you.
Please try to measure around your feet first. It is accurate measure the circumference of the central part of the sole of the foot.  Usually the correct suitable size is equal to Taekwondo shoe size or less than one size of Taekwondo shoe size. Please try a larger size if your sole of the feet is thicker than average.


EFoot 1 = US size 3

EFoot 2 = US size 4

EFoot 3 = US size 5

EFoot 4 = US size 6

EFoot 5 = US size 7

EFoot 6 = US size 8

EFoot 7 = US size 9

EFoot 8 = US size 10

EFoot 9 = US size 11

EFoot 10 = US size 12

Item # :  P2FPE3

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