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With a completely blunt edge making it ideal for butterfly training and featuring very thick and heavy construction, this butterfly knife will help you learn to flip like a pro. Providing a user with seamless balance when flipping, the tool has a harmless 3.75 inch stainless steel blade in a silver finish and comes complete with a locking catch to secure the butterfly in place where you need it. The blade features 4 circular cutouts to reduce weight; the handle is streamlined and lightweight with stud decorations. The reduction in weight and level of balance combine to make the perfect practicing tool to improve your butterfly skills!


Black Aluminum Handle
Studded Grip
Electroplate Finish Blade
Safety Latch
Double Pin
ABS Holster with Belt Loop


Overall Length: 8.75 Inches
Blade Length: 3.75 Inches
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness: 2.35 mm
Handle: 4.75 Inches