red Century Full Head Gear with Face shield Mask

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Century Full Head Gear with Face shield Mask Sparring Gear


* Shield yourself with this full coverage dipped foam headgear that includes a clear removable face shield.
* Gear is 7/8 inch thick and provides wrap around coverage complete with
* pressure release for ear and chin coverage.
* This lightweight gear has a 2 inch wide hood and loop strap on the back of the head for adjustable fit.
* Sold only as a set.

Colors: Blue, White, Pink, Red or Black
Sizes: Youth, Adult Small, M/L, XL.



Sizing chart is provided as a courtesy.  We recommend you ask your instructor about your sizes.



Size Chart
Student Headgear
Size I Child I Youth I Adult SM I Adult M/L I Adult XL I
Head Circumference I Under 20" I 20" - 21" I 21" - 22" I 22" - 23" I 23" - 24" I


All measurements are in inches.