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Shuai Jiao Series Training

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Shuai Jiao Series Training DVDs 

Ten titles to choose from.. Available only on DVD.

  • Volume 1- Training Methods This first training video includes warm-up and conditioning exercises, methods of falling, as well as training postures and stances.#CHEMAD-001 Approx. 48min
  • Volume 2- Training Methods : Includes methods of belt and chain cracking, steel bag throwing brick twisting, blocking, grabbing, and controlling techniques. #CHEMAD-002 Approx. 50min
  • Volume 3- Green Belt Techniques: Contains all of the necessary promotional materials for Green Belt (5th Jie) Rank including 12 Forms, 4 Throws, and 2 Combinations. Forms-Diagonal Striking, Neck Surrounding, Elbow Locking, Diagonal Pulling, March and Kick, Cracking, Backward Kicking, Pushing, Bowing, Lower Body Control Hip Throw, Pulling, Horizontal Throwing. Throws- Lower Body Control Hip Throw, Leading Arm & Kick Throw, Chopping Throw. Self Defense Combinations - head Smashing and Arm Grabbing/Leg Blocking. #CHEMAD-003 Approx. 50min.
  • Volume 4 - Green Blue Green Belt Techniques (4th Jie): This volume contains all of the necessary promotional materials for Green-Blue-Green Belt (4th Jie) Rank including 4 Forms, 3 Throws and 2 Combinations. Throws- Leg Seizing Throw, Lower Body Control Leg Blocking Throw, Knee Seizing Throw. Self Defense Combinations- Outer Shoulder Throw, Eyebrow Mopping. #CHEMAD-004 Approx. 40min
  • Volume 5 - Blue Belt 3rd Jie: This Volume you learn all of the necessary promotional materials for Blue Belt (3rd Jie) Rank including 6 Forms, 4 Throws and 2 Combinations.Forms- Inner Hooking, Hopping Cracking, Holding Kick, Shouldering, Grabbing Hand Leg Blocking, Separating Hand Leg Blocking. Throws- Upper Body Control Leg Blocking Throw, Inner Hooking Throw, Shouldering Throw, Elbow Locking Throw. Self Defense-Grabbing Hand Leg Blocking Throw, Separating Hand Leg Blocking Throw. #CHEMAD-005 Approx. 40min
  • Volume 6 - Blue Purple Blue Belt Techniques: This Volume will teaches all of the necessary promotional materials for Blur-Purple-Blue Belt(2nd Jie) Rank including 6 Forms, 4 Throws, and 2 Combinations. Forms- Vertical Lifting, Twisting and Springing, Grabbing Arm Lifting. Throws- Vertical Lifting Throw, Elbow Lifting Hip Throw, Shaving Throw, Twisting and Springing Throw. Self Defense Combinations- Cracking Throw, Inner and Outer Twisting and Springing Throw. #CHEMAD-006 Approx. 45min
  • Volume 7 - Purple Belt Techniques 1st Jie This video contains all of the necessary promotional materials for Purple Belt (1st Jie) Rank including 6 Forms, 4 Throws, and 2 Combinations. Forms- Shoulder Thrusting, Shaving, Thigh Lifting. Throws- Embracing Throw, Pulling with Leg Lifting Throw, Inner Thigh Thrusting Throw, Upper Body Control Hip Throw. Self Defense Combinations- Floating Throw, Outer Thigh Thrusting Throw. #CHEMAD-007 Approx. 40min
  • Volume 8 - 1st Degree Black Techniques 9th Deng Learn all of the necessary promotional materials for 1st Degree Black Belt (9th Deng) Rank including advanced variations and angle changes of Pulling, Lower Body Control Hip Throw, Cracking, Embracing. Also included on this tape are advanced supplemental throwing techniques including Harmonious Hands and Surpassing. #CHEMAD-008 Approx. 40min
  • Volume 9 - Shuai Jiao Supplemental Material This video is loaded with valuable information and techniques. This material is a necessary supplement and is taught along with promotional techniques. Techniques range from the simple and explosive to those that are complex and dynamic. Throws include Leg Sweepings, Dropping, Dragging, Neck Mopping, Thigh Lifting, and many more. This tape is a must for those who want variation and nonstop action. #CHEMAD-009 Aprrox. 47min
  • Volume 10 - Shuai Jiao Counters, Combination and Interview Gain sight into this complex world of countering and combination movement. Leg maneuvers include forced back stepping and entrapping. Essential counters to many attacks are covered in detail. This volume is a must for the serious student. Also included is a candid interview with 6th Degree Black Belt Master Peter Chema. Master Chema reveals how he became the adopted son of China's legendary "Flying Butterfly" Grandmaster Chang Dong-sheng. He discusses the evolution of Shuai Jiao and its relationship to other martial arts styles. You will learn why you should add Chinese Wrestling to your training, no matter what style you may already study. You will heat and see a unique part of Chinese Wrestling heritage, the "Poem of Shuai Jiao." This Poem actualizes the very essence of Shuai Jiao Technique and is essential to the serious practicioner. #CHEMAD-010 Approx. 54min

**Each DVD sold separately**