Century Spider Monkey Fight Shorts Womens c090120

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Century Spider Monkey Fight Shorts Womens c090120

Fight Shorts


SPIDER MONKEYS are known for their agility, cunning and flexibility. To match this spirit in performance gear, our Spider Monkey fight shorts are made of lightweight and quick-drying four-way stretch fabric with four-way stretch panels on both sides and in the gusset. Plus, our patent pending closure system encloses all hook and loop surfaces, reducing potential chafing and creating a more streamlined waistband – so there’s no need to read just your gear, just train.


  • Hook and loop system provides a secure closure within waistband

  • Patent pending closure system on adult shorts reduce thickness of waistband and helps eliminate chafing

  • Four-way stretch fabric body with four-way stretch side panels and gusset for added room during grappling prevents fabric from binding around the legs. The added room also reduces friction and allows freedom of movement for kicks during standup fighting