volume 1 Thomas Sipin: Police and Security; Defend, Control, and Apprehend DVDs SIPIN2D

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Thomas Sipin: Police and Security; Defend, Control, and Apprehend DVDs 

Thomas Sipin is a 27-year police veteran (ret.) hired to do instructor training in edged weapons by the USMC and integrated force training for Homeland Security.

Volume 1

Defensive Alternatives – Establishing Control and Escort Procedures.
Sipin goes through the more common concepts of using force to defend people or property by law enforcement or security officers. To defend an officer against assaultive behavior, Mr. Sipin walks through focused strikes efficient for the average officer and demonstrates diffused strikes to temporarily incapacitate the subject. You will also learn positioning, approach tactics and how to initiate physical control.

Volume 2

Stabilize and Secure.
Sipin explains and demonstrates handcuffing of a standing, compliant subject, followed by directing a resistive subject to the ground and disengaging or escalating to ground stabilization application of handcuffs, and returning a controlled subject to a standing position for transport. Included are drills to develop proper body mechanics and power.

Volume 3

Impact Tools.
Sipin shows carry options, portability, proper methods of opening and closing the expandable baton, striking combinations in a closed and opened mode, two-handed baton strikes for crowd control and close range, movement and targeting exercises.


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