Chess Clock Professional Digital Chess Timer Count Up Down Timer with Clock And Game Timer with Bonus and Delay With storage bag - BlackBeltShop

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  • 【1】It's a presettable count-up timer, maximum up to 10 hours, light weight and portable, convenient for your carrying,we will give you a protect package for free to help you protected your chess clock
  • 【2】During the game, can modify the timing parameters of the both sides. Shutdown and then boot (non-outage), it can keep the last rule parameters before the shutdown, before switching count on and count down, the machine need to be restarted;
  • 【3】Each step reward, each step delay timing rules. The left and right sides can set different basic time and auxiliary parameters, with alarm when the match is over;
  • 【4】Made of durable ABS plastic casing, safe, environmentally friendly and durable;
  • 【5】Suitable for Chinese Chess, International Chess , home and competitions;