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Dim Mak - The Poison Hand Touch of Death-book

Dim Mak (Dim Hsueh) the poison hand) - The Poison Touch Technique of Chinese Kung Fu Revealed in this book for the first time is one of the most treasured secret and forbidden techniques ever devised in Chinese Kung Fu. In studying these techniques of 'DIM HSUEH' also known as 'THE TOUCH OF DEATH', the practitioner is cautioned to be extremely careful in its applications. "UNLESS IT IS MOST NECESSARY, DO NOT HIT YOUR OPPONENT"S VITAL POINT!"

In the ancient days of China, its use was applied only when unarmed peasants and monks had to defend themselves and their families against the tyranny of cruel War-Lords whose armed soldiers were no better than thieves and robbers. Under such circumstances, there was no time for 'fair play' and it was a case of 'Kill or Be Killed'. The prospective practitioners of this branch of forbidden art must also bear in mind that the mastery of this technique is only possible through long hours of hard training with patience, study and perseverance.


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