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Kimber Hills Lil Dragon Instructor Series DVDs

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Kimber Hill's Lil' Dragon Instructor Series DVD's

Learn how to effectively teach the fun drills and how to adjust them according to the various skill levels. This video series was developed for instructors in a classroom setting.
Get three volumes on one DVD! Three DVD's to choose from


Volumes 1 - 3

Volume 1: Balance.
Volume 2: Coordination.
Volume 3: Exercise.
Approx. 180 min.

Volumes 4 - 6

Volume 4: Stranger Awareness.
Volume 5: Cooperation, Discipline and Respect.
Volume 6: Memory and Listening.
Approx. 180 min.

Volumes 7 - 9

Volume 7: Health, First Aid and Anti-Drugs.
Volume 8: Fire Safety and Holiday Safety.
Volume 9: Home Safety, Traffic and Weather.
Approx. 180 min.

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