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Knee Exercise Fitness DVD for Knee Pain Relief Developed by Registered Physical Therapist to Strengthen Muscles Around Knee Joint and Help Delay or Avoid Need For Surgery.

★Strengthen the knee joint★
★Avoid or delay the need for surgery★
★Developed by an RPT and an MD★
★Easy to Follow Instructions★

Developed by Bob Habib, a registered physical therapist with over 30 years of treating knee problems, this special program to unlock your bodies full potential for better knee health with this life-transforming DVD. The DVD contains the best, hand-picked exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint, to help improve flexibility, mobility and overall knee health. Strengthening the knee joint can dramatically reduce pain!

You’ll start feeling more energy, strength and mobility as you perform through each routine. Designed for almost anyone experiencing knee pain and discomfort, Mr. Habib shares his years of experience with these sensible, low impact exercises. You’ll learn proper form, stretching and relaxation techniques. Soon your knee muscles will be working better to get you where you want to go. Once you know the routine, it should only take about 10 minutes a day for stronger, healthier and happier knees.

The Systems4Knees Fitness DVD is a part of Systems4Knees – a complete, synergistic approach to knee pain relief developed by a leading Orthopedic Knee Surgeon and a respected Registered Physical Therapist. Systems4Knees can help delay or even avoid the need for knee surgery, in most cases, and can help produce a better outcome when surgery is necessary.