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Macho Starter Uniform 5 oz with Elastic Pant

Traditional Style Karate Uniform


  • Ultra-lightweight 5oz Starter Uniform designed with the new martial artist in mind.
  • Superior comfort and ease of movement.
  • Easy wash and wear.
  • Soft 55% cotton / 45% polyester blend uniform with quarter inch cuff at sleeves and pant leg with 2 lines of stitching.
  • Elastic waist with drawstring.
  • Crotch with triangular inseam inserts makes movement and kicks easy and without worrying about rips.
  • White belt included.
  • Priced right for the beginner martial artist no matter what age.
  • Smaller cut for young children who are beginning their journey in martial arts.

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This chart is provided as a courtesy, not as a guarantee that it will fit.  It doesn't account for all body types.
        Please ask your instructor what size you wear. Chart