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Macho Super Coaching Mitt MMA mMSCM

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Macho Super Coaching Mitts


MMA Punch Mitt


  • Coaching Mitt from Macho Products gives martial artists a new tool for reaching the next level in power conditioning.
  • Trainers and martial artists can work together on specialized drills to fine tune aim, focus, and timing.
  • The sparring quality padding of the Coaching Mitt is lightweight and easy to maneuver when performing striking drills at different angles.
  • Great for reflex and coordination testing as well.
  • Constructed of thick padding and heavy-duty vinyl covering,
  • the Coaching Mitt protects the entire hand and wrist with a secure Velcro-strap closure.
  • Designed for comfort and performance, the Mitt has a contoured shape, elastic, made-to-fit hand and finger slots, and ventilation holes.
  • Reinforced stitching helps retain its shape with use, and the Macho logo decorates the target spot area.

*Sold as pair in left and right configuration. * One size

availability:  ships in about 4 days.