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Mark and Mary Ann Malakoff-Games and Drills for Kids

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Mark and Mary Ann Malakoff: Games and Drills for Kids

Mark and Mary Ann Malakoff teach over 650 students, including over 350 Lil' Dragons. The Malakoffs are the owners of 16 Kang's Black Belt Academies throughout Montgomery County, Maryland.
Their success was noted in MASuccess Magazine in March of 2006. They have dedicated their daily lives to providing the best training in a safe and fun environment, while educating their students on the importance of discipline, respect, and all other aspects of traditional martial arts.
Three volumes to choose from.

Volume 1: Beginner Sparring

Master Mark and Mary Ann Malakoff and their group of dynamic students show how to effectively engage the students through a variety of sparring and reaction games, utilizing and improving block techniques as well as movement skills. The games and drills used by Master Malakoff teach concentration and techniques in a fun way that will keep students engaged.

Volume 2: Advanced Sparring

Includes games and drills builds on previous sparring drills. Focuses on balance and countering methods.

Volume 3: Games

Provides more games for creative implementation. Focuses on reaction, creative combinations and more!