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Why do some Martial Arts Schools thrive while others struggle to get by?

Because success is not just a result of working hard but also smart.

Learning Marketing is the same as learning a Martial Art, you need to learn the right techniques and use them at the right time or you risk getting kicked in the face time after time. The No B.S. Guide To Making Money While Building Your Brand explains where and when to focus your energy to maximize your rewards and minimize any costs.

Building your Business into a recognized and respected Brand will separate you from the pack and lead you into becoming the Authority in your area. Discover exactly what you need to do to Brand your Business the right way for Instant and Long Term Rewards Generate additional profits and massively increase your advertising reach while building a close knit family with your students.

Branding Yourself and Your Martial Arts School allows you to charge higher fees, be more selective about who you take on as students and it opens up a lot of opportunities including public speaking, guest appearances, expert interviews, free media coverage and more.

This book is the first in the Martial Art Marketing series, be sure to collect the other titles in the set as they are released. Aaron J. Perry is the Chairman of Martial Art Marketing, the creator of Martial Games for Kids and has helped hundreds of Martial Arts School Owners to grow their student numbers, increase profits and have fun doing it since 2005.
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