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"This is the book instructors want to have on their desk, open, and dog-eared." -- Kris Wilder

While the old adage, "those who can't do, teach," is not entirely true, all too often "those who can do" cannot teach effectively. This book is unique in that it offers a holistic approach to teaching martial arts; incorporating elements of educational theory and communication techniques typically overlooked in budo.

Teachers will improve their abilities to motivate, educate, and retain students, while students interested in the martial arts will develop a better understanding of what instructional method best suits their needs.
  • A tactical toolset useful to anyone's teaching style
  • Improve your ability to motivate, educate, and retain students
  • Explains how to optimize time and attention
  • Designed to individual preferences and learning styles
  • Effective for both children and adults
The author's approach balances the reality that martial arts instructs are responsible for ensuring the safety of practitioners who learn potentially deadly techniques with the truism that if their classes are not enjoyable and productive no one will participate in them.
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