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Ernie Reyes Sr. Dynamic Demos Series Titles

Training DVD 

Get the inside knowledge on what has made Master Ernie Reyes' demo team legendary for generations.

This series is packed with practical steps and insight based on thirty years of demo team leadership. Three volume titles to choose from


Volume 1: Dynamic Kids Demo Team Master Reyes shares basic steps that are key to developing a Dynamic Demo Team for all color belt students in a school. Approx. 74 min. #189166D-V01
Volume 2: Dynamic Kids Demo Team Create dynamic demonstration teams for adults of all belt ranks. These basic principles can be applied to all levels of demonstration teams. Approx. 79 min. #189166D-V02
Volume 3: Dynamic Kids Demo Team A must see for all demo team members, school owners and instructors to learn the key principles of success. Approx. 70 min. #189166D-V03

**Each DVD sold separately**

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