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Pro Force Tall Tower Punching Bag

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WOW now that's a tall tower that's 6 feet 4 inches Perfect for those High Kicks 33 inch 300LB Base 10 more vertical inches of strike surface than Competitors XXL and  8 more inches of overall actual height the bag vinyl is more flexible for a softer feel, and it has a truly great feel to the bag as a whole. It is fun to beat on.


76" tall free standing Punching bag
Compressed foam cushioned tower wrap full 62 inch high strike area
62" tall Cushion a real upgrade a full 10 inches more of strike height compared to Century XXL and more than double that of the original webmaster
Reinforced synthetic shell
Plastic base can be filled with water or sand
Bases measures 33" diameter x only 14" tall so it is easier to practice low kicks while remaining stable
Approximately 300 lbs. when base is filled
Flexible rubber base clamp offers less movement when striking and less slippage compared to hard plastic to hard plastic joints
Some assembly required
Not for outdoor use