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ProForce 14 oz Diamond Kata Gi Traditional Drawstring - 55/45 Blend - White

Exquisite 14 ounce 55% cotton 45% polyester unbrushed fabric offers a snapping pop. From the first measurements to the last stitch only the perfect cut can unleash this Diamond's brilliance. With a wide array of sizes you can say goodbye to the burdensome task of going to the tailor for resizing. Jackets & pants sized and cut for that perfect performing kata. Jacket & pants feature a 2" wide hem with 10 lines of stitching with extended side opening at waist. Jacket also includes a (shoulder to shoulder) Searsucker diamond pattern lining too keep you cool and dry. Pants feature a dual panel gusset crotch for unrestricted mobility and 1" extra wide pull string traditional waist tie, and are also equipped with Searsucker diamond pattern lining.  13 sizes available.

Key Features

  • 14 ounce 55% cotton 45% polyester unbrushed.
  • Reinforced jacket collar measures 1-3/4" wide
  • with 5 lines of stitching.
  • Dual panel gusset crotch.
  • Sized/cut for that perfect performing kata

Availability:  ships in 4-5 days