ProForce Headguard with Mask

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ProForce Headguard with Mask

ProForce Sparring Head Gear with clear face shield

This headgear from ProForce provides excellent full head protection with a full face clear polycarbonate mask that is designed for sparring.  Closed cell foam padding with leatherette covering. Adjustable hook/loop closure on back assures a comfortable yet snug fit. Clear full-view face mask with fixed attachment. Contour design with padding on the top and back with air release holes. Air pressure release pocket for ears. Available in black, red and white.

Key Features

  • Clear full-view face mask w/ fixed attachment.
  • Made of closed cell foam with leatherette covering.
  • Adjustable closure on back for adjustable, snug fit.
  • Available in black, red, and white

Availability:  ships in 3-5 business days