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Rock Solid Selects: Weapons DVD


Training DVD


Rock Solid Selects: Weapons dvd


Five martial arts weapons masters show you step by step how to use their individual weapons of choice. Lauren Kearney, a master of the bo staff, shows you how to use it in self defense. Jacob Kabel show off his prowess with the katana. If you need to know how to use the kama with effectiveness and lethality Daniel Sterling show you how to do it. John Su is a master with the double whip chain, and Matt Emig illustrates how to use your chucks. The is one of the finest instructional weapons DVDs on the market today.

Product highlights:

  • Useful for learning the bo staff, katana, kama, double whip chain, and chucks
  • Taught by master martial artists
  • Format DVD-R NTSC
  • English Language
  • Running time approximately 110 minutes


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