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The Martial Arts Instructor's Toolbox is an indispensable tool for every martial arts instructor. Mr. Kovar shares the keys to becoming an outstanding martial arts teacher. He starts by outlining the ideal mindset for instructors before they step on the mat. He goes into detail on 16 essential teaching techniques, tactics and tools that will make every martial arts instructor better at their craft. The middle section of the book takes your skills to the next level, focusing on topics such as dealing with challenging children and parent/student communications. In the final section of the book, Mr. Kovar dedicates 17 chapters to sharing some of the most valuable lessons he's learned in over 30 years of teaching martial arts. The Martial Arts Instructor's Toolbox is your manual for becoming a great martial arts instructor. By following Mr. Kovar's teaching systems, even a novice instructor can quickly develop into a highly competent professional martial arts instructor. 
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