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The Squeaky Thing is a focus target that was made for children. It is only product on the market that responds with a squeaky sound when the target is hit. This small pad will motivate, excite and focus your students to kick and punch correctly as they enjoy the squeaky sound the pad makes. This new training toy will bring excitement and laughter to your classroom while teaching children correct martial arts techniques.

The square Squeaky Thing fits on most free standing bags, hanging bags and target shields. The round Squeaky Thing is a hand held version for moving target drills. Strap 1, 2, or 3 of these colorful targets and watch your students create unlimited combinations while having fun. A must for all schools that teach children!

Key Features

  • Focus target made for children.
  • Responds with a squeaky sound when hit.
  • Square fits on most free standing bag.
  • Round is hand held version
  • each sold separately.  

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