Thermal Survival Shelter Tent Paracord 550 (Military Grade) 2 Person Tarp Tent - BlackBeltShop
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  • ★Warm And Durable:Silver color of the survival tent cover can retain 90% of your body's heat and help rescuers identifying you.It's stronger than other aluminum tents, and it's mute.
  • ★Color: Using special processing technique, the bronze color will never come off. In the fall and winter, bronze color has a strong disguise in the field.
  • ★Paracord: High-quality paracord weighs 550 pounds. It can be used to hold the tent and be used in tow strap, pack strap, knife handle wrap.
  • ★Reasonable design: The product has four iron buckles and four plastic stakes which can fix the four corners of tent on the ground firmly. Two clamps grip the overlaps between paracord and tent to prevent slipping.
  • ★Dimensons : weigt:0.62LB, Size:96" x 40". It can be used by two people at the same time. Packing bag dimensions:8"╳3.2".It has its own carrying bag so that you can travel with ease carrying it in your backpack Multi-purpose – It can be served as tent, raincoat, tarpaulin or wild blanket. It is suitable for camping, hiking, climbing, car trunk and emergency rescue. Superior quality worthy of your trust.