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Tiger Muscle Rub


Massage Cream


Tiger Muscle Rub

Tiger Muscle Rub is a high quality analgesic cream specifically formulated for active people. It is non-greasy, easy to apply and does not stain clothes.

Massaging in Tiger Muscle Rub provides fast temporary soothing relief associated with sore, aching muscles, muscle strain, back aches and stiffness. Tiger® Muscle Rub's deep penetrating formula starts to soothe sore muscles immediately. Massage in Tiger® Muscle Rub before sports or exercise to help prevent stiffness from setting in. Use it after sports and exercise to help sooth aching muscles, muscle strain and stiffness.

Key Features

  • Provides fast temporary relief associated with sore, aching muscles
  • Relief lasts for hours

Keep Tiger® Muscle Rub in your athletic bag, your locker, and at home! Its relief lasts for hours!

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