Ultimate Competition Training: Weapon Forms DVD

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Ultimate Competition Training: Weapon Forms DVD

Training DVD


Ultimate Competition Training: Weapon Forms will greatly improve your competition style weapons forms. This DVD is a must have for any serious martial arts competitor. The step by step instruction is certain to help you improve your performances. You will learn basic ideas that you apply to all weapons – along with advice for specific weapons.  Here is an overview of what you will learn:

  • understanding weapons competitions – traditional, creative, extreme
  • guidelines for victory– most important external and internal attributes
  • traditional weapons – how to win with your traditional weapon + learn a full traditional nunchaku kata
  • creative weapons – demonstration of creative form, explanation of how to win this category
  • extreme weapons – demonstration of extreme form, with super tips to compete and win with an extreme form
  • specific weapon tips – get tips for specific weapons such as: nunchakus, bo, tonfa, sai, and more

DVD Details

  • Instructor: Michael Hodge
  • Length: 64 Minutes
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Format: DVD, Region 1 (plays in DVD players worldwide)


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