Weapons Training with Sami Suddeth-bo staff-DVD

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Weapons Training with Sami Suddeth-bo staff-DVD


Hyper Pro Sami Suddeth teaches you what it takes to become a martial arts champion and shows you important tips for executing today's most exciting martial arts techniques.

Kick back with Sami as she tells you hrt secrets to training, competitions and having fun. She also shows you tips for throwing some cool kicks and combinations.

- Sami teaches you how to perfectly throw these kicks and combos like a pro.
- High Round Kick, Shuffle Axe Kick, Spin Hook Kick, Jump Outside.
- Allusion, Split Kick, Shuffle Axe,Jump 360,Split Kick.
- Spin Hook,Allusion,Split Kick, High Round, Axe, Jump 360.

Sami shows you how to use the Bo Staff like a pro and teaches you her dynamic Hyper Bo Staff Form to help you win competitions and amaze audiences watching you perform. You will have the winning edge with this cool Bo Staff form and Bo Staff tricks.

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