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XMA Xtreme Chrome Training Kamas   by Century  practice weapons  cXTKC

These 14-inch, middleweight training kamas are made of natural wood with uniquely cut-out aluminum blades. The handles are planed on both sides for a superior grip, with wrist straps added for a secure hold. Comes complete with XMA kanji symbols and silver and red chrome tape. Sold in pairs.
Diameter: 0.875"
  •  Max your training to the xtreme with these mid-weight training kamas featuring unique XMA cut out chrome blades.
  • The 14" natural wood handles are planed on both sides with wrist straps for a better hold.
  • Handles are accented with water transfer XMA kanji symbols and silver/red chrome tape.

Sold in Pairs

              Item # :  XTKC